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Морские и речные круизы 2018 - 2019 года по России и всему миру

СЕЗОННЫЕ СКИДКИ на РЕЧНЫЕ КРУИЗЫ 2019 ГОДА при полной оплате до 31.07.2018:

- 15% на теплоходах: А.Суворов, А.Пушкин, А.Радищев Флагман!, В.Белинский, Г.Жуков, К.Коротков, К.Симонов, Л.Соболев, Л.Толстой, М.Горький, М.Булгаков Флагман!, М.Фрунзе, Н.Карамзин, С.Кучкин, С.Буденный, Санкт-Петербург, Ф.Дзержинский, Ю.Андропов.
- 11% на теплоходах: Александр Бенуа, В.Чапаев, Две столицы, Дм.Фурманов, К.Маркс, Лебединое озеро Флагман!, Лунная соната, Н.А.Некрасов.
- 10% на теплоходах: Александр Невский, Родная Русь.

Скидки на круизы 2018 года при полной оплате до 31.07.2018:
- 5% на теплоходы: А.Рублев, И.Репин, Кн.Виктория (на речные круизы с 02 сентября), М.Булгаков(на круизы с 31 августа), С.Образцов(на круизы с 03 сентября).

СКИДКИ сотрудникам силовых ведомств (при предъявлении подтверждающих документов) на речные круизы 2018 года:
- 10% на теплоходах: А.Суворов, А.Пушкин, А.Радищев, В.Белинский, Г.Жуков, К.Коротков, К.Симонов, Кронштадт, Л.Соболев, М.Горький, М.Шолохов, М.Фрунзе, Нижний Новгород, С.Буденный, С.Кучкин, Санкт-Петербург, Ф.Дзержинский, Ю.Андропов;
- 5% на теплоходах: А.Бенуа, В.Чапаев, Д.Фурманов, К.Маркс, Лебединое озероnew!, Лунная сонатаnew!, Н.А.Некрасов, Солнечный город.

- 5% постоянным туристам (скидка не суммируется с сезонной скидкой!) ,
- 5% на группы от 25 человек .

СКИДКИ ПЕНСИОНЕРАМ РФ до 10% на некоторые круизы смотрите по ССЫЛКЕ >>>

(---цены на круизы 2018 - 2019 года указаны без учета скидок!---)

River Cruises in Russia on FIFA 2018 World Cup Главная / River Cruises in Russia on FIFA 2018 World Cup

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River cruise on the m/v "Mikhail Bulgakov" Moscow - Valaam - St. Petersburg ( 2 days ), 30 Jul 2018

River cruise on the m/v "Mikhail Bulgakov" Moscow - Valaam - St. Petersburg ( 2 days ), 30 Jul 2018

Дата круиза (Date): 30-07-2018
Дней (Days): 8 дня(ей).
Название теплохода (Ship): "Mikhail Bulgakov"
Маршрут круиза (Route) : Moscow - Uglich - Goritsy - Mandrogi - Valaam - Sortavala - Saint Petersburg ( 2 days )
Стоимость круиза на 1 человека (Price PP): 50,800.00руб.

Внимание: стоимость на речной круиз дана при размещении в 2-х местной каюте на главной или нижней палубе, на морской круиз -на внутреннюю каюту на первой пассажирской палубе,
цены на другие варианты размещения смотрите ниже или уточните у наших менеджеров.

FIFA 2018 Cup River route

Cost for 1 person:

Suite 2-room with balcony, boat deck (Deluxe) - 135800
Junior Suite with balcony, boat deck (Suite A) - 128100
Junior Suite with balcony, boat deck "B" - 103100
DOUBLE, the bow of the boat and middle decks (PL1) - 92800
DOUBLE, the aft middle deck (PL2) - 78000
SINGLE, middle deck (1) - 73000
DOUBLE, middle deck (1B) - 54600
TRIPLE,, middle deck (1B) - 54600
QUADRUPLE, middle deck (1B) - 54600
DOUBLE, main deck (1S) - 50800
TRIPLE, main deck (1S) - 50800
TRIPLE lower deck (2B) - 39100

Schedule an 8-day cruise "from Moscow to Valaam - Saint-Petersburg"

Date of cruise: 30.07.18 (Mon) - 06.08.18 (Mon)
Day / Port / Tour program
1(mon) Moscow Departure of the ship in flight at 12:30 (lunch) from the North river station.
2(W) Uglich (11:30 - 14:30)
1) Walking tour of the Kremlin with a visit to Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral. Duration 1 hour 15 min.
2) Excursion to the "Museum of craft and creativity." In the Museum are: workshop of painting on wood, gingerbread workshop, workshop art felt and beading. Tourists can observe artists at work. Here you can buy products of craftsmen and upon completion of the program to participate in the master class. Visit the Alekseevsky monastery. Duration of excursion-2 hours. (group of 15 people.)
3) Trip to a pottery Studio. Guests will hear the story about the ancient craft and become witnesses of how from a lump of clay on a Potter's wheel is born beautiful product. Visit the Alekseevsky monastery. Duration of excursion-2 hours. (group from 20 pers.)
4) Excursion to the "House of friendship and creative Association of artists". This former merchant's house which is located on the banks of the Volga. Tourists can get acquainted with the works of Uglich artists, and what is most interesting to visit the workshops where you can personally see how paintings are created. Visiting the Epiphany monastery. Duration of excursion-2 hours. (group from 20 pers.)
Optional tour Walking tour of Kremlin territory with visit of the Church of Tsarevich Dmitry "on the blood", chambers of specific princes (1st floor), the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral. Tour duration is 1.5 hours. (instead of main tour)
Optional tour A visit to the Museum "History of Russian vodka". You will hear a story about the life of Pyotr Smirnov, see moonshine different structures, an exhibition of old bottles. Tour duration is 40 minutes. (group from 10 people)
3(Wed) Goricy (09:00 - 12:00)
Bus tour to the Kirillo-Belozersky monastery.
Optional tour Bus tour to the Kirillo-Belozersky monastery and its Monastic cells and the assumption Cathedral. (group from 15 people) tour Duration 3 hours. (instead of main tour)
Optional tour Bus excursion to the Ferapontov monastery with a visit to the Refectory, the porch, the portal painting of the virgin Nativity Cathedral and the monastery. (group of 25 persons) tour Duration 3 hours. (instead of main tour)
4(Thu) Mandrogi (17:00 - 19:30)
Green / Port /.
Recommendations: try the famous pies, flavored herbal tea, to feed the horses in the stables, horseback riding - horseback or in a wagon, visit the petting zoo.
Optional tour Walking tour of the village. As part of the tour guests will visit the handicraft village and see the work of printmakers, leather goods and ornaments of Rostov enamel. Visit the "Old village", which consists of 5 historic century-old houses, transported from the Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions. Here they will show pottery, blacksmith, weaving is an ancient loom, and more.
5(Fri) Valaam (10:00 - 21:00)
boat Tour in the Central manor of Spaso-Preobrazhensky monastery. Boat tour passes through the most beautiful places of the Valaam archipelago near the small islets, the picturesque Straits and secluded island monasteries of St. John the Baptist and St. Nicholas. During the tour on the Central manor You will visit the main operating temple of the monastery - majestic Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral. Duration 3.5-4.0 hours.
Lunch on the boat.
To choose from:
1) Walking tour "Sketes of Valaam". The tour route passes by three of the Valaam monasteries: resurrection, gefsimansky and Konevsky. A special place in the tour is paid to familiarity with the unique natural complex of Valaam archipelago, its flora and fauna. The route length: 6 km Duration of tour 3.5 hours.
2) Walking tour of "Rocky". Excursion acquaints visitors with the history of the Valaam monastery of the period of the Soviet-Finnish and the second world wars, as well as with the peculiarities of the unique nature of Balaam and the surrounding lake Ladoga-the largest lake in Europe. The route length: 6 km Duration of excursion is 2,5 hours.(group from 15 people)
6(sat) Steenwijk (10:00 - 18:00)
1) Walking tour of Sortavala with a visit to two museums - a personal gallery of the artist Kronid Gogoleva unique embossed wood carving and regional Museum of Northern Ladoga. The route length of 4 km tour Duration 4.0 hours.
2) Bus and walking tour of the "Marble canyon "Ruskeala". The route runs along the perimeter of the marble quarry. From the Ruskeala marble decorated St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Marble Palace in St. Petersburg. Visit the personal gallery of the artist Kronid Gogolev. The route length: 2 km Duration of tour 3.5 hours. (group of 35 people)
From cruise ship to berth Sortavala of tourists take a pleasure boat.
7(sun) Saint Petersburg Arrival at 08:00,
1) Sightseeing bus tour will introduce You to the most famous sights of the city on the Neva. Boat tour "Rivers and channels of Saint-Petersburg". The route passes by rivers: Moika, Neva and Fontanka. From the boat You will see the Palace embankment, the Peter and Paul fortress, Mikhailovskiy Palace and much more...
2) Sightseeing bus city tour with the visit to Peter and Paul fortress. (group of 35 persons) Tour duration 3.5 hours.
Optional tour Excursion to the Yusupov Palace. This unique architectural ensemble of XVIII-XX centuries is rightfully acclaimed as an "encyclopedia" of St. Petersburg aristocratic interiors. From 1830 to 1917 the Palace and the estate were five generations of elite aristocratic Yusupov princes. The Palace became the country's history and how the murder scene Grigory Rasputin. Today Yusupov Palace is one of the few aristocratic mansions of St. Petersburg, where survived not only the state rooms, picture galleries, miniature private theatre, but also the luxurious living quarters of the Yusupov family. Duration of the tour 3 hours.
Optional tour Excursion To The Menshikov Palace. You will visit the Palace of Prince Menshikov, the first Governor of St. Petersburg. The shape of the Palace is unique. The Palace combines traditional Russian and new techniques and forms are used all the achievements in construction and art of the time. The decoration and decorations in marble and painted "marble" monumental-decorative painting and sculpture, antique and contemporary Italian sculpture, carved and inlaid wood, Dutch cobalt painted tiles, Russian stove tiles, painted and embossed leather, different fabrics and woolen tapestries. Duration of the tour 3 hours.
Optional tour Bus excursion to the Museum "Grand Maket Russia" provides You with the opportunity to visit the current layout, symbolizing the Russian Federation from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. At a model field with an area of almost 800 m2 combined generalized images of cities and regions of Russia. The dynamics and saturation of the layout attached hundreds of moving trains and cars, sound and light effects, thousands of miniature figures that make up genre scenes. And the amazing effect of the change of day and night does not leave indifferent any visitor. Duration of the excursion 4 hours.
Optional tour Bus tour "Night Petersburg." This tour is a unique opportunity to observe night transformation of Petersburg. In the new world brought to the Palace square, Winter Palace, monument to Peter I - Copper horseman, the Peter and Paul fortress and many other attractions and an unforgettable show — the famous breeding of the Central bridges. Tour duration 3.5 hours.
Optional tour A bus tour with a visit to the historic model "Petrovskaya Aquatoria". The Museum is dedicated to the history of the Northern capital and the emergence of the Russian Navy. "Petrovskaya Akvatoria" - a big layout of Petersburg in 18th century. The Central part of the show is filled with water, which imitates the water area of the city, located on the perimeter of the layout of architectural ensembles. Special interest display is created by moving objects (figures of people, carriages, ships), light, sound, and visual effects, which allow to reproduce the change of day and night, changing weather conditions. Duration of the tour 3 hours.
8(mon) Saint Petersburg Breakfast. Disembarkation from the ship until 10: 00. Wishing to go on excursion can leave your stuff in a special room.
Optional tour Country excursion to the State Museum-reserve Peterhof. Founded in the early XVIII century by Emperor Peter I near the new capital St. Petersburg, Peterhof has become one of the most luxurious Royal summer residence and a kind of triumphal monument to the successful completion of Russia's struggle for access to the Baltic sea. By the mid 20-ies of the XVIII century were defeated regular Upper garden and Lower Park, built the Grand Palace and some "small" palaces and pavilions, created the world's largest system of fountains and water cascades, a large part of the sculptural decoration. To the Western wing of the Monplaisir Palace adjacent to the so-called Catherine's body. Since the construction of the Catherine block was to stay “very important persons”. Here were held receptions, balls, masquerades, card PM. Tour duration 6 hours.
Optional tour Bus tour to Kronshtadt. On the island of Kotlin in the Finnish Bay of the Baltic sea is the port city and fortress city, the sea gate of St. Petersburg – the city of Kronstadt. The first defensive fortress on Kotlin island appeared simultaneously with the Foundation of Petersburg in 1703. The island is the base of the Baltic fleet. Architectural dominant of the city is magnificent Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas, in 2013 celebrated its centenary. A magnificent temple-a monument to all sailors who did not return from a hike. Tour duration 6 hours.
Optional tour Bus excursion to Oranienbaum. Architectural-landscape complex of Oranienbaum is a unique Palace and Park ensemble of XVIII - early XX centuries, preserved in the years of the great Patriotic war in its historical accuracy. The big Menshikov Palace, the oldest building of Oranienbaum. The majestic appearance of the Palace, its Grand scale and rich interiors evoked the admiration and surprise. In the estate the was the many "curiosities". For example, in the center of the East gallery once housed the "Turkish bath" with a glass roof, which was visited by the Emperor Peter I. the Halls and living room were decorated with painted plaster on canvas, tapestry, marble, and even the leaden sashes of the Windows were gilded, and the walls of many rooms were lined with Dutch and German kaplyami. Tour duration is 6.5 hours.
Optional tour Sightseeing tour of the Gatchina Palace. Gatchina Palace, built in the 18th century for the favorite of Catherine II, count Grigory Orlov country as a pleasure and hunting castle, later and until the October revolution it was owned by the Imperial family. The tour includes a visit to state and exhibition halls of the Central building of the Palace, the Church, the underground passage. A visit to the Palace Park. Sightseeing tour of the Palace Park with a visit to a Private garden, the Venus Pavilion and the Birch house. Tour duration 5 hours.
Optional tour Excursion in Konstantinovsky Palace "present and past Age". A story about the history and revival of the Constantine Palace and Park ensemble as a State complex "Palace of Congresses". The passage in the Park, a monument to Peter I, the entrance halls, living rooms of Protocol of the Russian President, the First lady apartments, halls for meetings in an informal setting. Tour duration 5 hours.
Optional tour Bus excursion to Pavlovsk. Pavlovsk Park – a unique monument of landscape art of late XVIII-early XIX century. Together with the Pavlovsk Palace which was the summer Palace of the Russian Emperor Paul I, is one art Palace and Park ensemble. The Museum is famous for its unique collections of fine and decorative art. Tour duration is 6.5 hours.


- outdoor swimming pool on the boat deck;
- free Internet access in wi-fi in the cabins, boat deck, in the panorama bar and the library;
- SPA (service extra);
- sauna (for an extra fee);
- table tennis
sports training simulators;
On Board-the boarding house offers: Services included in the tour price:
- morning exercises and morning exercises under the expert guidance of exercise;
- phyto (number of servings depends on the length of flight);
- oxygen cocktail (number of servings depends on the length of flight);
- balanced restaurant menu with a choice of vegetarian and low calorie dishes;
sports training simulators;
- hire of sports equipment on "green Parking";
- outdoor pool, bath towels;
- a qualified medical practitioner.
Services for an additional fee:
- sauna;
- Spa, Thai massages;
- phyto-bar.
1. Morning exercise.
under the supervision of the physical therapist (sports instructor), the duration of 15-20 minutes, mostly outdoors or indoors depending on the weather.
2. morning exercises.
Is made as well as morning warm-up, but the duration of 35-40 minutes. Cruises lasting less than 4 days may not be carried out.
3. Herbal.
It is soft health solution. Characteristic General properties of medicinal plants:
- flexibility of action in all kinds of exchange;
no side effects;
- a combination of preventive and curative properties.
Herbal tea or herbal tea is obtained when the welding used in the various parts of useful plants. It can be safely attributed to natural preventative. When used correctly it is safe for adults and for children.
Tourists a choice of five kinds of herbal tea:
- "Fit" toning;
- "Sunny" stomach;
- "Protection" immunomodulatory;
Harmony" anti-stress;
- "Evening" soothing.
4. Oxygen cocktail.
This is a beverage, dietary (medical) food, which is a vitamin mixture enriched with oxygen.
Application of oxygen cocktail for health purposes contributes to:
- increase resistance to viral and infectious diseases.
- enhance the immune system;
- increased health, increased physical and mental capabilities;
- to relieve fatigue and General fatigue;
- prevention of premature aging;
- fat burning.
Oxygen cocktail don't take:
- during exacerbation of bronchial asthma;
- during exacerbation of peptic ulcer of the stomach, duodenum, intestine;
- when adhesive disease;
- in acute poisoning;
- severe chronic lung disease;
- elevated body temperature;
- when gallstones and kidney stones;
- if you are hypersensitive components of the cocktail.
Oxygen cocktail take:
slowly (within 3-5 minutes) with a spoon immediately after cooking;
for 1-1,5 hour before meals (preferably before dinner) or 2 hours after meals;
- recommended duration of treatment 10-15 days, 1-2 times a day;
- on the day of 150-500 ml depending on the age;
course if necessary, repeat after 1-1. 5 months.

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River cruise on the m/v "Mikhail Bulgakov" Moscow - Valaam - St. Petersburg ( 2 days ), 30 Jul 2018 - Морские и речные круизы 2018 - 2019 года

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